Mechanization and renting

     Each machine that we own and rent is with a quality service and certified. We offer construction equipment of all the leading manufacturers.

For more information and specification see the table below. Feel free to contact us and ask us any question.

Type Make/Modelл Specifications Image


Маке: Komatsu

Model: WB 97s

-bucket 40 сm

-bucket 30 сm

 komb bager



Model: 303C CR

-bucket 30 сm

-pneumatic hammer

 mini bager

 Mini wheel loader

Маке: Komatsu

Model: SK 510

-bucket 100сm

 mini tovarach

 Tipper truck

Маке: Хюндай

Model: H 100

-load - up to 2,2t



Маке: Форд

Model: Транзит Т330

-load - up to 2,2t 

 ford transit


Маке: MAN

Model: TGM 

-load - up to 8t




Маке: MAN

Model: TGA 18.440 БЛС

-load trailer - Robust Keiser SSB 25К 13,2m

-load trailer - Crone SDP 27



Weel Tractor


Model: DX 9010

- loader

- trailer BELLUCCI ROSSINI up to - 3 tons

 kol traktor 1

kol traktor 2

 Aerial platform

Маке: ГАЗ

Model: 53

-length / height 16 м.

-max. load 250kg

 gaz vishka

 Aerial platform

Маке: AVIA

Model: D 75 K

-length / height 27 m.

-load 280kg


Self propelled aerial platform



-length / height 16 m

 samohodna vishka



Model:UTM 625

-length / height 35m

-load 30t.

 kran liebher 1

kran liebher 2


Маке: FAUN

Model: RTF 30

-length / height 25 m

-load 30t.

 kran fain 1

kran faun 2


Маке: IFA

Model: ADK 70

-length / height 10-16 m

-load 7t

 ifa kran