Primary connection (power circuits)

The Department is responsible for designing of UH – , HV – , MV – and LV – systems. The designs are in accordance with regulation of Bulgarian (BDS EN) and International (IEC) standards. The drawings are mainly worked out with the AutoCAD software and it is possible to be done in 3D - space on request by the customers.

The Department main activities are as follow:

  • Design of single line diagrams;
  • Design of outdoor and indoor arrangements – site layouts and sections;
  • Work out of detailed drawings for mounting of the equipments, cable traces and etc.
  • Work out of technical specifications for delivery of materials and equipments, and specification of mounting works;
  • Insulation Co-ordination calculations and sizing calculations of the facilities;
  • Static and dynamic calculation for dimensioning of busbar systems realized with flexible or rigid conductors, sizing of cable lines. All calculations are made by using of own MathCAD applications worked out in accordance with national and international standards;
  • Calculation for earthing and lightning systems, choice of materials for executing.
  • Modeling of electrical systems and short circuit conditions by usage of ETAP software;
  • Lighting installation – outdoor an indoor lighting – lighting calculations and designing by usage of Dialux and Calculux software. The drawings are worked out in AutoCAD too.
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