Commissioning of:

1. Electrical installation and equipment up to and over 1000V


  • protective grounding resistance
  • insulation resistance
  • lightning protective grounding resistance
  • power frequency withstand tests
  • contact resistance

2. Electrical installation and the equipment next to 1000 V

  • loop impedance – Zs
  • Earth leakage circuit breakers

3. Safety equipment: isolate bars (manipulation, measuring, for portable grounding); isolated clamps; voltage detectors; current clamps; protective gloves, protective boots and galoshes; dielectric carpets and paths.

  • electric strength of insulation by AC voltage and leakage current and the threshold voltage indication

4.Power cable lines up to 20 kV

  • insulation resistance
  • power frequency withstand tests

5. Capacitor installation up to and over 1000V

  • value of current and evenness of loading of the individual phases
  • absence of body compound
  • HV withstand tests

6. Voltage transformers up to 35 kV

  • insulation Resistance
  • power frequency withstand tests
  • winding resistance
  • transformer oil – breakdown voltage
  • transformer ratio
  • polarity check

7. Relay protection devices, electrical automation, telemechanics and secondary circuits

  • insulation resistance
  • check of relay protection settings (direct or alternative(start up and return) current, direct or alternative(start up and return) voltage, time delay, impedance(start up and return))
  • functional test (correct, incorrect act or functioning fail of the device)
  • active resistance
  • circuits integrity

8. Electric motors for direct and alternative current

  • insulation resistance
  • HV withstand tests
  • winding resistance (stators and rotors)
  • current and losses of idle running motor

9. Power measurement transformers up to 400kV

  • Capacitance and dissipation factor (tgδ)

10. Optic cables and fiber optic lines

  • Inserted loss from splices, connectors and macro bendings in fiber optic line.
  • Total loss (Optic power)
  • Optical return loss
  • Length of fiber optic line

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