Control Cubicles

These cubicles are intended for installation in the control rooms on the sites to control the appropriate facilities.
They consist of front panel (front side), side walls, rear door, ceiling and bottom. The cubicles are manufactured from iron sheets with thickness 2mm.

Mimic diagrams are placed on the front side of the cubicles with the location and status of managed devices.

The diagrams are made of plastic film with a color corresponding to the rated voltage of the system. They incorporated the relevant control, indicating equipment and metering devices. Each cubicle is designed according to specific project.
The connections are via flexible copper conductors with wire size of 2,5 mm2 for current circuits and 1,5 mm2 for other circuits .All devices, equipment, terminals blocks are marked with indelible marks.
The rear cabinet doors can be opened at 180 degrees and can be locked at opened position.
The equipment and terminals, which are installed in the cubicles, can be supplied by request or can be delivered by the customer. A luminescent lamp and Schuko plug are installed inside the cubicle.
All surfaces of cubicle metal structure are well cleaned and treated according to one of the two methods:

  • bilayer two component primer coat and two component paint;
  • heat-polarized powder paint;

The cubical colors are selected according to the RAL system.

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