Energy management and monitoring

During the last century energy consumption has raised segnificantly (energy costs too) and because energy resources are deplete it is essential to use them smart. It can be achieved with monitoring and planning of the energy consumption of largest economical subjects. The high energy costs is the main reason to bring into use energy management systems.

All the largest energy consumers have to optimize their energy expensies in order not to be fined financialy and they must pre-order their energy for a certain period of time. The energy management system monitors, logs, draws diagrams and it can recommend increasing or decreasing of energy consumption.
"EL-TEST" Ltd commissioning specialists are capable to develop and commission such energy management systems using Schneider Electric's package – Power Monitoring Expert (PME).

Main goals of energy management system are:

  • Monitoring of energy and technological parameters
  • Remote reading of energy meters
  • Logging of analitic data about energy efficiency
  • Planning of daily, weekly and monthly energy consumption
  • Control of power consumption for a certain period of time
  • Logging of power quality deviations
  • Discovering of pre-faulty equipment
  • Energy cost report
  • Below there are diagrams of real energy management systems.

Pictures and screen captures from "DRADHA"
dradha-110kV dradha-AUXILARY
dradha-MACHINA dradha-NET
dradha-OVERVIEW dradha-SWG 63
dradha-SINNALS dradha-PM4

Finished and in process of development systems:

  • Schneider Electric ION system in Radinovo factory, Plovdiv county, Bulgaria
    Schneider Electric ION system in HPP Dardha, Albania
    Schneider Electric ION system in Biovet, Razgrad town, Bulgaria
    Schneider Electric SPM system in Thrakia Glass, Targovishte town, Bulgaria
    Schneider Electric PME system in MMI, Radnevo town, Bulgaria

Pictures and screen captures from other systems made by us

mmi-home mmi-network
mmi-metering mmi-analise



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