Control Cabinets

The control cabinets are designed for outdoor installation. They are manufactured from iron sheets with thickness 2mm. A movable mounting plate is fitted on the backside of the cabinet for installation of the terminal blocks and the cable trays. The equipment is mounted on hinged frames, as on the left is placed the mimic diagram of the field, while on the right are mounted automatic or mechanical breakers (according the customer needs) for voltage circuits, auxiliary relays and other equipment. The cabinets can be manufactured with one or two front doors as the one with the mimic diagram is glazed.

The construction of the cabinets allows opening of the front door at 180 degrees and of the internal plates - at more than 115 degrees. All doors can be locked at open position.
Cabinets are manufactured with a degree of protection IP54, with a sloping roof for water drainage, appropriate rubber seals on doors and windows and dust-proof filters for ventilation. The front door has a secure lock.
The mimic diagram is implemented in such way to be convenient and legible. If auxiliary relays are provided, they are mounted on the frame so that the blinkerite to be clearly visible. The switching equipment is installed so they can be easily maintained without opening the inner door. The connections/wireings are made via flexible copper conductors with cross section of 2,5 mm2 for current circuits and 1,5 mm2 for other circuits.
Another advantage of the cubicles is the built-in luminescent lamp and three or single phase socket, "Schuko" type and heaters.
The cabinets are resistant to weather conditions. The mimic diagrams on them are made of special film, resistant to ultraviolet rays.

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