Engravings, Plates, Signs

EL-TEST Ltd. own equipment (engraving and cutting CNC machines) for manufacturing of deferent type and shapes signs and name plates. Generally they are used for subscribing the devices and equipment mounted inside or outside the control and relay cubicles and cabinets – buttons, sockets, signal lamps, relays, etc. We also are able to make plates for signing the cubicles with numbers, names and much more.

All numbers and alphabets are engraved on 2-layered material. Common used colors are black and white as the result is black letter placed on white background. On the customer request it is possible to use other colors (for instance, gray, yellow, red) as well as different materials.
Except letters and numbers we are able to engrave also drawings, images and etc..
The commonly used material is ТР outdoor – the bottom layer (main surface) is ABS with protection against UV rays. For indoors the LP material is used (semi transparent acrylic with decorative cover micro film), LF (acrylic with decorative coating micro folio). The АС material (2 layers – water and UV resistant) is also suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
Also we can plot signs, diagrams, images on colored foil. Those stickers are flexible and you can stick them on almost any surface. Their common use is for single line diagrams.


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