Relay cubicles

 The relay cubicles are steel constructions. The apparatus in them are protected against dust and not-permitted access. They have side panels, ceiling and floor plates adjusted for cable incoming and plugging up the openings after finishing of the cable connections. Different types of relay cubicles are designed and manufactured:

  • Free standing relay panels
  • Relay cabinet

Free standing relay panels - thuse relay panels are used mainly for plants which are in work and it is necessary the old apparatus to be replaced for a partial rehabilitation. The panels are designed for erection in the relay halls, in a row with the existing panels. Steel sheets (two millimeters thickness) are used for production of the panels. Various types are available: with or without doors, side panels or ceiling. The apparatus can be mounted on a prepared surface (front panel or on a plane in the panel for the panels "grate" type). The terminals can be arranged vertically on the side surface or horizontally under the apparatus (behind the small doors).

Relay cubicles  - the relay cubicles are steel constructions, which protects the apparatus against dust and not-permitted access. The main difference with the free standing relay panels is the provided access to the apparatus:

  • with front and rear solid doors;
  • with front door with transparent unbreakable glass and rear solid door;
  • with front door (solid or with transparent unbreakable glass) and two rear solid doors;

Most of the relay cubicles are with the flowing dimensions: 2200mm high, 800mm width and 600mm depth. Nevertheless, the height of the cubicles might be reduced according to the customer needs (for instance, 1800mm).
All devices can be arranged by two different methods - on an immovable mounting plate or on a swing apparatus frame (calculated for supporting the load of the apparatus and the wires).

If it is necessary specific mounting and fixing units are manufactured.

The internal connections/wireing are executed by flexible multi core wires with 2,5 mm2 cross section for current circuits and 1,5 mm2 cross section for other circuits. The colours of the wires are implemented according to the wiring tables included in the design. The internal wires are put in cable channels dimensioned to hold free the incoming control cable cores.
Another advantage of the cubicles is the built-in luminescent lamp and single phase socket, "Schuko" type. According to the customer recommendations heaters, thermostats, fun blocks and other devices can be integrated in the relay cubicles.
All surfaces of cubicle metal structure are treated with double two component primer coat and two component paint. The colors are selected according to the RAL system.

relay 1 relay 2 relay 3


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