Powder Coating

The latest innovation of our company is the closed cycle of painting, which is intended to fast service of our customers and improvement of the product quality.

"EL-TEST" Ltd. put into operation its own installation for powder painting of steel cubicles and cabinets, doors, details and elements. The manufacturer of the system is "itwGema AG", Germany. The coating facility uses powdered paint type Epoxy / Polyester. It is possible to use all RAL system.


The details, which should be painted are pre-prepared. Thus it is achieved a high-quality and uniform flow of the paint to the desired surface and the greater durability of the coating.
The pre-preparation consists of degreasing, phosphate, washing and drying. The processes of degreasing and phosphate is used the substance CAF-090F dissolved in a acid-alkaline indicator pH 4.5-5.
If it is necessary the treatment is implemented with concentrate of acid-base indicator рН=6,5-7.
The process is performed in a blasting and convection oven.
The coating is finished in a furnace with operational dimensions:.

  • Width: 1 200mm;
  • Height: 2 200mm;
  • Length: 5 000mm;

eu "Проектът се реализира с подкрепата на Европейския Съюз и Република България"
"Сертифициране по ISO 14001 и технологична модернизация на фирма ЕЛ - ТЕСТ"
Програма ФАР BG 2006/018-164.05.01/ESC/G/CSG-3
"Подкрепа за повишаване на конкурентоспособността на българските предприятия" Фаза 3
eu "Supported by the  EU and Republic of Bulgaria"
Project BG2006/018-164.05.01/ESC/G/CSG-3-107
„ISO 14001 certification and technological modernization of EL - TEST”
Phare programme BG 2006/018-164.05.01/ ESC / G / CSG -3
“Support for increasing the competitiveness of bulgarian enterprises” Phase 3

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